Our People

Any company is only as good as it’s people. Davidson Electronics is comprised of some of the best and most experienced people in the industry. Here is a short bio of our principal people.

COREY DAVIDSON, founder of Davidson Electronics, is a former professional musician with extensive experience in live music and recording. His perspectives are from both sides of the microphone. He carries a B.A. with specialization in electronic music. Corey studied under Joel Chadabe (founder and director of The Electronic Music Foundation EMF.org) and graduated cum laude from the State Univeristy of New York, Albany, NY.

Corey says: “Joel Chadabe was one of the greatest influences in my life. With Joel’s guidance, I was exposed to some of the world’s greatest electronic music composers. It was through Joel that I was introduced to John Cage, Bob Moog, Don Buchla, and numerous other renowned artists, technicians and composers. Joel Chadabe extended the privilege of working with John Cage as his technical assistant..which proved to be a truly amazing and life-changing experience. I would like to thank Joel Chadabe for his wisdom, for it was indeed Joel who helped me to formulate my career.”

He later graduated at the head of his class from Grumman Data Systems Electronics School. He has served as a recording engineer, and as technical editor of a world renowned sound engineering magazine [dB Magazine]. In addition to his customer relations responsibilities, he is a well known component-level senior technician. In 1991 Corey Davidson was invited to Crown International in Elkart, Indiana, where he presented a lecture/demonstration to the three major Crown divisions. The subject was “Expedition of Repairs and Preventive Analysis”.

JOHN SMITH, Vice President

As one of Metro New York’s premier audio engineers throughout the last twenty-five years, John Smith has used, serviced and customized just about every piece of equipment on the professional audio market. He learned what worked best, what did not, and most importantly, why. John’s particular expertise with speaker systems — and his uncommonly fine ear — eventually led to the engineering and development of his own cabinet and system designs.

John founded Smith Audio, and continued making innovative improvements in sound, power, durability, and customer support. Adapting new advances in computerized audio design, he developed enclosures that controlled and optimized sound duplication to a degree never before achieved, with design tolerances as fine as 1/64 of an inch. He custom matched each cabinet to its component soulmates, including crossovers specially designed by Smith Audio. He protected each cabinet with the toughest overcoat in the industry. And he put together an experienced design, manufacturing and support team; one that readily meets the needs of the rapidly expanding customer base for today’s line of loudspeakers and subwoofers manufactured by Smith Audio.

MATHIAS WILSON: Senior Technician

Five Towns College graduate.

Mathias has been at Davidson Electronics for over 15 years. His attention to detail and intuitive trouble shooting skills has put him in the industry limelight for the repair of electronic keyboards, self powered speaker products, high end pro audio/proprietary speaker systems, and DJ audio equipment of all types.
Mathias has an in-depth working knowledge of computer controlled/interfaced products and gives him an advantage that enables him to view all products from the “user perspectives”. Mathias heads up service and parts for all that is Harman (many brands) and attended factory training at the JBL Professional North Ridge California facilities.

With a science-oriented mindset and sharp organizational skills, his repairs are perfection with great attention to detail.


Jonathan’s interests in technology led him to achieve full tech status for the repair of intelligent lighting products.

His mechanical skills and intuitions are at the highest levels. The repair of intelligent lighting products poses a challenge unlike anything else in the pro audio and visual products sectors. There are thousands of detailed functions that are inherent to the workings of intelligent lighting products. His track record for accuracy and reliability are the result of a personal connection to a job well done. Jonathan is responsible for many shop-related tasks that include customer service and he has helped bolster the Davidson Electronics’ reputation for excellence. Jonathan has musical skills that play into his deep understanding of technical entertainment products and systems. He is also an internationally acclaimed “beatboxer”.