At Davidson Electronics, we maintain the highest possible level of quality, which is reflected in our ongoing investment in high tech equipment. For example, we are now fully equipped with a full blown SMT soldering system, allowing us to change a 128 pin surface mount chip in a few minutes with superior accuracy and reliability. Our poweramp bench has a dedicated 50 amp line, and 4000 watts of forced air cooled load resistors, allowing us to test the largest poweramps on the market way beyond their normal usage limits.We don’t measure output transistors with an ohmmeter like so many other shops, we perform leakage analysis with a sophisticated vectoring system. This allows us to find devices that are on the verge of failing before they blow on your next gig.

Comprehensive Diagnostics & Repair
Digital and Analog Troubleshooting to the component level.
SMT circuit board rework.
Printed hard copy of Analog tape machine frequency response data (upon request).
MOSFET & Tube Matching
Vintage Tube Amp Specialists

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